Admission Requirements

General Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or recognized equivalency certificate (GED) is required for admission to the college. 

All applicants are required to complete an initial interview with admissions. Parents and spouses are encouraged to attend the interview with admissions.

In addition, the following requirements apply to specific programs:

Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing applicants are required to take the Accuplacer test, complete three essays, complete the Practical Nursing Application, and provide two references to be considered for admission. All students are responsible for meeting the requirements set forth in the college catalog.

Associate Degree in Nursing

ADN applicants are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam. Complete 3 essays, complete the Associate Degree in Nursing application, and provide one letter of recomendation to be considered for admission. Please see the ADN packet for additional information regarding admission requirements and the selection process.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the admissions requirements, please call us at 503-223-5100, or toll free at 877-682-5601


Thank you for considering Sumner College. As you go through your studies and graduate from Sumner College, we want to make sure you stay informed about policies regarding the campus, financial aid, and other resources that are available to help keep you on the track to success.


We Want You to Know...

  • The description of all the federal, state, private, and institutional financial assistance programs, both need based and non-need based, are available to you and can be found in the college catalog.
  • Information about the terms and conditions under which you can receive Federal Direct Loans, as well as the procedures and forms you would need to apply, is available in the Financial Aid Office. They can also explain the criteria for determining the amount of your potential award. 
  • The criteria you must meet to continue your eligibility under each aid program, the standards you must meet to be considered to be making satisfactory progress and, if you have failed to maintain satisfactory progress, how you may reestablish eligibility is explained in the college catalog.
  • The Financial Aid Office can also explain how your financial assistance disbursements will be made and the terms of any loan you are eligible to receive, including a sample repayment schedule.
  • If you received a student loan while you were here, you need to visit the Financial Aid Office to complete an exit interview to review your responsibilities as a borrower prior to you leaving the college.

More Things You Can Find in the College Catalog...

  • The cost of attending school in your program of study;
  • The college refund policy;
  • The requirements and procedures for withdrawing from school;
  • What happens to the money if you return a Title IV grant or loan;
  • All the programs of study currently offered by the college, the instructional resources for each program, and the faculty;
  • The organizations that accredit, license, and approve the college;
  • A description of the services and facilities for students with disabilities;
  • The people designated to assist you with financial aid information, school information, graduation and completion rates, and campus security policies and crime rates;
  • A description of the transfer of credit policy for work completed at another school and whether any other schools accept the work completed at Sumner College;
  • Who to contact to review documents regarding the college’s accreditation, approvals, or licensure;
  • Information about required immunization and health records.


"I decided to come to Sumner College because I found a fast track program, which only took me 13 months to obtain a career."

- Riziell P.

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