The Importance of Cultural Competency


What is cultural competency?

Balancing Studying With A Full Time Job, 5 Helpful Tips For Nursing Students


Between rising educational costs and high costs of living, it’s almost impossible to go to school without working at the same time. Whether you’re working as an RN while you get your Master’s degree, or you’re an undergrad student getting your bachelor’s while working a fast food or retail job, it can be challenging to balance a full-time or even part-time work schedule with the need to study for your classes. These 5 tips can help you study on the job, retaining information effectively without compromising the quality of your work.

What role does mentorship play in nursing?


On having and being a mentor - See why a mentorship is a rewarding relationship that can shape your career, change your life, and be an important part of a successful nursing career.

Find Your Specialty


Johnson&Johnson Nursing has a fun quiz to assess your specialty based on interests. Check it out.

Is it too late for me to become a nurse?


Nursing as a second career - Is it too late to become a nurse?

The Role of Nurses Today


Today’s nurses are independent leaders, driving change in the healthcare system.

How do i know if nursing is for me?


A thirst for knowledge, patience, and perseverance are a few of most important traits of a new nurse. J&J Nursing shares what you need to know when you get your first nursing job.

Dear zombie nursing students…wake up with these 10 tips!


Here’s the thing about nursing: You’ll get out of it what you put into it. This holds true for the entire lifespan of your career.

10 rules for nursing students


A few fun suggestions for nursing student from another nursing student that was published in Scrubs Magazine. Enjoy...

12 Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas for a Less Stressful, More Thankful Holiday


Thanksgiving Break - School will be closed Thursday and Friday to celebrate our families. Here are some Thanksgiving Traditions to enjoy. From Thanksgiving morning "me time" to the post-feast nap, try these traditions for an extra special holiday.

Do Nursing School Grade Matter?


Thinking About Nursing School?


Students interested in becoming nurses can choose from several training programs.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nursing Students


The History of Veterans Day


10 Study Tips That Will Make Nursing School Easier


Occupational Outlook for Medical Assistants


Bureau of Labor Statistics shares recent information on the occupational outlook for a career in Medical Assisting.

Best Health Care Jobs


We're always striving for better health, and the people who hold some of the jobs on our 2019 Best Health Care Jobs list can help you breathe, eat, walk, speak, hear, move and see better. They can also help patients prevent disease, illness and injury, as well as diagnose, fight and treat illness. Many of the highest-paying jobs are among the Best Health Care Jobs. Physician assistant, dentist, orthodontist and nurse anesthetist rank at the top of the list this year.

Getting Financially Fit


When you’re in control of your finances, you reduce stress and worry.

Physical wellness: A must for sustained energy


Take steps now to ensure your future good health.

FAQ's on Medical Assisting


Learn more about the exciting career of Medical Assisting

Budgeting for Nursing School


Tips to help budget for nursing school.

Guide to Become A Registered Nurse


What you need to know before becoming an RN.

Spiritual wellness: A journey toward wholeness


Have you ever felt like a “human doing” instead of a “human being”? As we fling ourselves from one activity to another, we sometimes find that getting beyond our list of “to do’s” and staying in touch with those aspects of our lives that mean the most to us is difficult. Remember that well-rounded self-care also involves spiritual wellness.

How Do you Network in Nursing? | Different Types of Professional Networks in Nursing


Professional networking may sound intimidating, but it plays an important role in modern job searching and career development.

Emerging trends in nursing


RN's Embrace Roles Beyond the Bedside

Nursing Jobs | Oregon Career Nursing Center


The Oregon Nurse Career Center is brought to you by the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) and the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO). ONA has been the professional voice of nurses in Oregon for over 100 years and together with NPO, are proud to advance the field of nursing and advocate for nurses across the state.

AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report


AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report | Results of the AAMA CMA (AAMA) Compensation and Benefits Survey are published each year in the Nov/Dec issue of CMA Today.

Health Care Just Became the U.S.'s Largest Employer


In the American labor market, services are the new steel.

Nurses and PTSD: Combine professional care with self-care


Is it really any surprise that one in four nurses will experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sometime during their careers? You work with patients when they’re at their most vulnerable and fragile, struggling to survive. You also may face verbal and physical abuse from patients and families. Nursing is a high-stress profession that can include personal physical and emotional risk.

The role of medical assistants in increasing colorectal cancer screening rates


The roles of medical assistants continue to expand in outpatient health care delivery settings, including primary care settings. The purpose of this article is to document how an intentional and focused utilization of knowledgeable and competent medical assistants—especially CMAs (AAMA)—has increased the screening rates for colorectal cancer (CRC).

Bill to ease Oregon's nursing shortage advances

9/2/2019 4:48:10 PM

Would create tax credit to draw nurses to teaching

CW TV's Nicole DeCosta Vists with Sumner College

9/2/2019 3:37:30 PM

Sumner College President Joanna Russell and Nicole DeCosta host of CW's What's Portland recently visited to talk about job opportunities in the nursing field, specifically the Medical Assisting program. Check it out... #sumnercollege

Simple Checklist Helps Students Manager Their Health for The First Time


Preparing to take the reins of their own healthcare can be overwhelming, but a few simple preparations can help them make this important transition a smooth one.

Nursing Shortage


Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses Occupational Outlook Handbook


Nurses change lives


Nursing students, you are part of a industry that made a huge different in the 70's. Watch the trailer for the documentary film 5B and be proud of your industry's past.

Eye on the Northwest discusses Nursing with Joanna Russell from Sumner College

8/16/2019 7:55:21 PM

Sumner College President Joanna Russell and Natalie Marmion host of KOIN TV's Eye on the Northwest visited to share information about career opportunities in nursing - specifically the Medical Assisting program and the need to fill these positions in the Portland market. Watch the segment that aired this week. Watch the video Here

J&J Spotlights Nurses’ Impact on Health at Aspen Ideas Festival


At this year’s Aspen Ideas: Health Festival, Johnson & Johnson sponsored two sessions that invited healthcare innovators and change makers from around the world to share their stories of why and how they’re shaping a world where everyone can thrive.

Supply and Demand Projections of the Nursing Workforce


Medical Assistants - Occupational Outlook Handbook


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