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5 Ways To Stand Out In Nursing School


Getting into nursing school is an accomplishment in itself, but completing your nursing program successfully is the ultimate goal to strive for. Here are some suggestions to help you success in nursing school.

Get to Know Nursing


Why be a nurse?

14 Pieces of Advice Every Nursing Student Should Receive


Surviving nursing school may be one of the most difficult things a student will ever do. Here is some advice from nursing professors to help you survive.

Make These 6 Steps of Patient Care A Priority


The use of evidence-based practice (EBP) and national guidelines improves the quality of patient care and closes the gap between research outcomes and practice. Are you familiar with these 6 steps?

All About That Socks! Benefits of Compression Socks for Nurses


Can compression socks help? Learn more about compression socks a specially designed sock which helps prevent various venous disorders and encourages blood circulation.

Going to Nursing School as an Adult: 10 Tips to Survive


Thinking about going back to nursing school? There are many ways in which you can be successful and can survive the re-entry into a nursing eduction program.



When it comes to choosing a proper medical watch it can be difficult to make a decision because of the many different options available to you.

How to Choose a Great Medical Watch


When it comes to choosing a great medical watch it is important to determine which features are important to you as it can have a big impact on how much use and functionality you’ll get out of your watch.

5 Reasons Why Nurses Where Watches


Learn why a medical watch is critical to performing important nursing tasks to aid in providing adequate patient care.

How Social Media is Reshaping Healthcare Conversations


Are you logged on and linked in? Social media continues to play a growing role in healthcare. New apps can calculate a patient’s insulin levels, hospitals host Facebook pages, recruiters search for résumés on LinkedIn, patients discuss symptoms in online forums, and healthcare organizations rely on Twitter during disaster relief. See below to read about the power of social media and how it can help nurses to better understand their patients and more.

5 Tips For a Pain-Free Nursing Education


Anyone who’s completed nursing school can tell you where they floundered in their education.

Common Sense Survival Traits of a Nurse


Review a few good reminders of survival traits of a Nurse

Nurses rank # 1 once again in Gallup poll for ethics and honesty

1/9/2017 2:23:19 PM

Nursing is the leading profession when it comes to ethics and honesty, according to a well-known poll.

10 Study Tips That Will Make Nursing School Easier


There’s no question that nursing school is challenging. And when you are trying to manage home and work responsibilities on top of your nursing studies, the amount of studying you need to do could seem insurmountable. How on Earth are you supposed to get all of these chapters read, never mind review notes, prepare for the nursing exam and retain all of the vital information that you absolutely must know for a successful career in nursing? READ MORE

Nurses Get Hospitalized Patients Walking, Feeling Better


“Get on your feet” is the message a recent nurse-led pilot study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is sending older patients. READ MORE

Nurse Leaders Report High Job Satisfaction


Increasing the number of nurse leaders offers myriad benefits to a country with a health care system in transition and a population that is aging. READ MORE

Find Oregon Nursing Jobs!


Find Oregon based Nursing jobs with Nurserecruiter.com.

Sumner College Holiday Break


Sumner College Holiday Break. READ MORE

The 15 Best Movies About Nursing


During any doctor or hospital visit, nurses can be found everywhere and are often more likely to spend more time with the patients than the doctors themselves. However, this was not so 100 years ago. Since even before then, there has always been the need for caring and compassionate nurses, and there are many nurses who have risen to fill that void. However, with the success of nurse and doctor themed films and television programs, nurses can suffer in the gap from perception to reality. READ MORE

Sumner College Nursing Club Holiday Toy Drive


Spread the warmth of the holidays to a foster child in need! READ MORE

30 Motivational Quotes for Nursing Students


Being a nursing student is tough. Not only do you need to have an iron heart with a gooey center, you’ll also have to have legs of steel, possess excellent memory, be a speed reader, plus be able to survive on mere winks instead of sleep like other humans do. It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes and there will be times that you’ll be asking why you’re torturing yourself by staying in nursing school. Well congratulations, because that’s completely normal! READ MORE

Nine Principles of Successful Nursing Leadership


There is an extraordinary quality of spirit that prompts one to aspire to lead. These nine principles will help you tap into that spirit and improve your effectiveness as a leader. READ MORE

Nursing Jobs in Oregon

10/27/2016 6:10:17 PM

Job opportunities are expected to be excellent in the coming years for nurses. Read more..

Nursing Fun Facts

10/27/2016 5:58:22 PM

Iteresting Facts, /Quotes (and Even a Couple of Jokes) About Nursing

Starting out in Dermatology Nursing

10/27/2016 5:10:30 PM

Dermatology nurses help us take care of our largest organ – our skin. Dermatology nursing is a specialty that focuses on helping treat wounds, injuries and diseases of the skin. To learn more about this unique specialty...

Compassion is Paramount in Infusion Nursing

10/27/2016 4:50:18 PM

Infusion nurses are registered nurses who specialize in administering medications and fluids via infusion. Learn more..

Nursing Career Resource Center


New Graduates! Attached are some resources to help you find your first job after graduation

Writing a winning resume


Looking to develop a strong nursing résumé, designed to help you secure your first nursing job? The good news is that you have already started the hard part – studying and gaining formative experiences throughout school. The next step is to tell your story and share what you have to offer the nursing profession.

Dress for Success on your Interview


First impressions matter. Dressing for success is about looking confident and professional, while also creating a "look" that allows you to feel like your best self. Although you may wear scrubs or a lab coat for the majority of your workdays, professional attire is best for a job interview. Your outfit should portray the competent, educated and confident person you are. Attached are tips to help you create your personal "look" while also maintaining a professional image.

7 Surprising Things You'll Learn About Nursing


Curious about a career in Nursing? Learn seven surprising things about a career in nursing here.

Nursing Employment Statistics


Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2015

Job Outlook for Registered Nursing (RN)


Job Outlook for Registered Nurses (RN) The nursing profession, like healthcare in general, is in a state of change. The profession of nursing is becoming increasingly complex as patient care is moving out of hospitals and into outpatient and primary care settings. For years, the role of nurses has been evolving from a bedside caregiver to a specialized member of an interdisciplinary medical team.

Tips and Tricks for New Nurses


Tips and Tricks for new nurses You may have thought nursing school was the most stressful and overwhelming time of your life. Think again.

Nursing Facts


Here’s a fact: there’s a shortage of nurses—and it’s going to grow in the years ahead. Why? What can be done? Read on to learn more about the state of today’s nursing profession, then share a fact, or two, or five, to help spread the word about the need for nurses.

Career Paths for Licensed Practical Nurses


One of the benefits of being a licensed practical nurse is the broad spectrum of career paths available to them.

Becoming a Registered Nurse


Ever wondered what it takes to become a registered nurse? There are specific skill sets that successful registered nurses have in addition to meeting the educational and state level license requirements.

New FDA Food Labeling Changes - What Nurses Need To Know


The recent FDA calorie labeling rules which require chain restaurants and large vending machine operators to disclose calorie counts on menus to make people more aware of the risks of obesity posed by fatty, sugary foods.

How Nurses Impact The Patient Experience


Because of their frequent, personal interactions with patients, nurses conceivably play the largest role in the day-to day patient experience.

Licensed Practical Nursing Career Overview


The demand for licensed practical nurses in the health care profession continues to rank as one of the top in-demand careers.

Expanding Your Skills as a Registered Nurse


As healthcare alternatives and new therapies gain popularity many patients today are interested in exploring alternative treatments and medicine.

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