5 Things Good Nurse Leaders Say Every Day

As a nurse leader you are faced with so much responsibility and expectations. The relationship with subordinates goes a long way to determine if the job gets done efficiently. Our attitude and words play a big role in our day to day interactions. To be crowned as a good leader, it will take a whole lot of patience and routine behaviors that will earn our subordinates' trust and loyalty. Some of the routine behaviors will include what we say to them daily.
The following is a short list of 5 key phrases and words that a good leader always says to his or her nurses.
1. “Hi,” “Hello,” “How are you?” “Good morning.”
Good nurse leaders always start the day with a warm greeting that is consequent to arrival at his or her workstation. They should always be keen in gauging the atmosphere of his or her co-workers by sincere unofficial salutations. It builds a bond among the workers by enquiring their well-being.
2. “Thank you” and “Please.”
Managing others with honor goes a long way towards being a competent leader. It’s callous to have hatred towards a leader who has a habit of saying ‘please and thank you’. It is something we are taught from a young age, and applying it at the leadership level results in great admiration and respect. Also, nurses will always acknowledge your kindness towards them. Therefore, in appreciation, a good nurse leader would often use phrases such as “thank you I owe you lunch for that” and it is to show of how much they appreciate the job of others.
3. “Great,” “Good job,” “Nice work,” “Keep it up.”
Applauding a staff member is a daily practice for a nurse leader. Conferring acknowledgment of their good deeds will boost their spirit and thrust them to evolve into good leaders themselves. Declining to notice their potential receives a negative perception to your unit that of; you are not a team player or inspiring leader.
4. “What is your take on this?”
A good nurse leader always knows and appreciates the staff. It enables him or her to understand the mindset of the people he or she is working with at the station. It shows that you are confident to trust them. They will try not to disappoint. Preserving free communication is a high concept or idea. It enables smooth flow of work because the staff feels that you are approachable.
5. “Goodbye,” “Have fun,” “Good day.”
A good nurse leader always departs their workstation with a decent goodbye to his or her colleagues. Wishing your staff well after a long shift is a better way of finishing the day. If he or she leaves in agony or without saying goodbye, it creates tension among the staff or the team.
By Marion Johnson DNP, RN 

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