The Exciting Possibilities of Perioperative Nursing

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Johnson & Johnson nursing discusses perioperative nursing. 

Perioperative Nursing

Is perioperative nursing for you? Perioperative or operating room (OR) nurses provide patient-focused care in a variety of settings and specialties, with ample opportunities for professional growth. Get the scoop on this fast-paced, team-based, and fulfilling specialty, and find out how health systems and nursing schools are working to strengthen the pipeline of new nurses entering this critical specialty.

There’s something unique about the patient advocacy that happens in an operating room.

No matter the setting or specialty, nurses are always fierce patient advocates, ensuring that patients’ health and safety are protected. But when patients are under anesthesia, it’s different.

“Everywhere else in the hospital, patient’s families can be there with them, but they cannot be in the operating room,” says Debbie Smith, Senior Clinical Manager at Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. “The biggest role we have is the role of the patient advocate.”

Perioperative or operating room (OR) nurses provide hands-on patient care throughout a surgical experience – before, during and after a patient’s procedure. These nurses play an essential role in patient safety, and the need for perioperative nurses is expected to grow more than 12% by 2028.

In addition to providing high-quality, team-based, patient-centric care, working in a variety of settings and across various specialties, this dynamic, exciting and highly rewarding specialty has ample opportunities for professional growth.

However, until recently, many nursing students did not gain exposure to perioperative nursing as a specialty in nursing school. To raise awareness among nursing students and early-career nurses about the exciting career possibilities of perioperative nursing and to ensure readiness to practice, AORN has released a new perioperative nursing elective curriculum for nursing schools to assist RNs entering the perioperative field.

To actively and accurately demonstrate what perioperative nurses do and the environment that they work in, Johnson & Johnson has collaborated with the Association of PeriOperative Nurses and Bon Secours Mercy Health to produce a new perioperative nursing video. The intent is to increase awareness of and spark interest in the specialty, highlighting real perioperative nurses who share what it’s really like to work in the OR, why they love the specialty, and the benefits of becoming a perioperative nurse.

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