9 Ways To Be Mentally Prepare For Nursing School

People will tell you nursing school was not easy. You might need to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges of a nursing career. Here are some ways to overcome the challenges and make your nursing journey a bit easier.

Be One Step Ahead In Nursing School

Don’t get blind sided in nursing school. The more you know, the less you will become surprised. A part of being mentally prepare is to know what is going to happen before it happens. A good nurse always prepare for the possibility of a bad situation. Be one step ahead in nursing school with these tips.

  • Research and visualize the steps you need to take as nursing student
  • Be proactive for thing you will need to do
  • Find good study materials (ex. flashcards, study guides, test preps)
  • Look into an nursing externship program before you graduate
  • Have a study schedule for upcoming exams
  • Prepare for the NCLEX by creating good study notes for each class
  • Find a good group of study buddies

Learn How to Become Confident

You worst enemy in nursing school is self-doubt. Nursing school will make you feel like you are on a emotional roller coaster. Sometimes you will be full of doubt after taking an exam and be at an all time high after finding out you’ve passed. You can avoid this by being confident in what you know.
As a nursing student and as a nurse, you will experience plenty of self-doubt as well as other people doubting you. The only way you can overcome this is to become more confident in yourself. It’s important for you to work on and build up your confidence in nursing school. This will better prepare you for the NCLEX and your career as a nurse.
Here are some exercises to help build up your confidence.

Stop Overthinking And Trust Your Instinct

If you allow yourself to overthink every question on the exam, you will be mentally drained. You will feel a sense of confidence when you trust your instinct and go with the first choice. Don’t allow yourself to overthink anything in life. Be confidence you made the right choice given the circumstances that you are in.

Practice Turning Negative Situation Into A Positive One

There will be a good side and a bad side to every situation. Learn to avoid focusing only on the negative side. Find the positive reason for every situation and you will appear more confident even if your not. With practice, you will not even think about why things are so bad and just keep moving forward.

Be Prepare For Any Situation

When you are prepare for any foreseeable situation, you will give off an aura of confidence. Things won’t catch you by surprise. Even if it did, you have the practice you need to quickly prepare for it mentally.

Look Like A Grade A Student

By playing the part of an A+ student, you need to look and act like an A+ student. An A+ student comes to class ready to learn and sit in the best seat. They dress accordingly and pay attention to gain the respect of their professors. Knowing who you want to be is a part of being confident.

It doesn’t help you if you go to class in pajamas and look tired. You will end up taking a nap after class instead of studying. Don’t play the part of a student who will fail their next exam. Your professor will not take you serious and may lose confidence in you. Thus making you lose confidence in yourself.

Forgive Yourself and Move On

Nursing school will have a lot of challenges. You may not overcome every challenge so easily. Don’t waste your time and blame yourself for what you don’t have the ability to control. Being hard on yourself will only make you lose confidence in yourself and your ability. Be happy that you can learn from the experience and move on.

Face Your Fears

Your fear is only a barrier between you and your goals. If you’ve learned how to overcome your fears, you will realize there’s nothing to be afraid about. You now know that you won’t let anything stand in your way of reaching your goals. You will feel better about yourself and that’s how you have confidence in what you can achieve.

Support Your Friends With What You Know

Your support network will make you feel confident if you are using what you know to support them. In return, you will receive compliments and appreciation for your help. This will make you want to know more and provide more to your friends. You will be more confident with the information you are able to share.

Find your competitive side

To have a higher chance at passing nursing school, you should find your competitive side. Dig a little deeper and find the person within you that likes to win. Being competitive doesn’t mean you have to be mean-spirited or arrogant. You could be passively competitive by trying to be the best version of yourself. Identify where you want to be academically but aim a little higher.

Here are some reasons you should find your competitive side.

A Way of Pushing Yourself

Being competitive doesn’t mean being aggressive. It’s a way of encouraging yourself to do all you can to win in this phase of your life. It helps you stay on the top without worrying about failing.

In nursing school, you want to be the winner. Being the loser means failing nursing school. No one wants to waste their own time and effort. Once you’re determined you want to become a nurse, put all your eggs in the basket and win at all cost.

Like an Olympic athlete, you need to hone in within yourself to find the focus you need to push yourself to study. They do this everything by picturing how they won the gold metal in their head. That is what you should do to stay on path and reach your goal.

Find Ways To Help You Improve

By being competitive, you will look for ways to do things better. Once you are able to focus on your goal. Ideas will naturally come to you to help you increase your chances of passing nursing school. You will learn to study better, build good supportive relationship and find motivation.

You will get creative in producing better results. Your mind won’t get distracted by social media because its not imperative to studying. Remember that you are in it to win it!

Pass The NCLEX Easily

You already developed a drive from the very beginning of nursing school. You will use the same focus to help you pass the NCLEX. This competitive drive is necessary to build up the confident you need to become a nurse. You will find any challenge that you face will be easy to overcome.

Your effort to pass every class is a way that you can prepare yourself for the NCLEX. Even if you’re not an A+ student, being competitive will help you become a A- student. By being a good student, you already understand the nursing material well enough. Passing the NCLEX will be less of a challenge and more of a breeze.

Be Determined To Pass Every Class

Go in with the mindset of getting As in every class. Be ultra prepare in knowing how to tackle your studying. You can ask around on what you should study for each class. You will also want to avoid overworking yourself where your mind shuts down by finding better ways to study.

Know that by aiming high, you won’t fall short. Even if you don’t get an A, you tried hard enough that you might get a B in your class. You will less likely to fail out of the nursing program if you put in effort to getting the best grade you can.

By going into every class with this mentality, you won’t be scrambling at the end of your semester trying to pass. You could avoid this situation by aiming high from the start of the semester.

Be Mentally Tough

Learning to be mentally tough is a skill that nursing requires. Being to deal with patients, doctors, management requires us to know how to deal with our emotions. You will learn that a nursing student will have a lot emotional highs and lows. It will help your sanity to be mentally ready for what you are going to deal with.

Embracing the nature of nursing means you will develop a tough mental will power. Nothing will stop you from getting your license to become a nurse. This mentality will transfer into you doing your job as a nurse. It is up to you to remain sane and power through. By accepting the challenge and facing it head on, you will learn a lot more about yourself and what you capable of.

Learn ways to deal the stress as a nursing student. You can only power through if you are in good mental health.

Be Prepare to Study A Lot

As a nursing student, you need to embrace studying like its your job. If you’re serious about nursing school, you will be studying around 20-24 hours a week. This mean you will be sitting still and learning new information for about 30 hours a week. This is not an easy task but if you prepare yourself, you can make studying more enjoyable and effective.

To maintain proper focus during your study hours, you need to know how to prepare ahead of time. It doesn’t help for you to run around, not get enough rest, not eat the right type food and get easily distracted. You should know when you are going to study and for how long. Having good habits will help you prepare for the time you need to focus the most. Finding a comfortable environment with the right resources is important to remaining focused.

Having everything ready and prepared will allow you to study better and help you pass your exams. This all takes self-control and proper planning but you see the results on your exams.

Learning to Work Together

As a nurse, you will be working with other healthcare providers to offer care to your patients. You will need to start learning this skill in nursing school. There will be group projects in certain nursing classes. You may need to rely on your study buddies for some support.

If you learn how to share you work with others, you will benefit in many ways. Everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. You can learn from others and use it as a way to strengthen your weakness. Be open minded about how you can help others and how other can help you.

As a nursing student, you will learn to build certain skills that will prepare you for the nursing world. Working together is one of them.

Understand Why You Want to Become A Nurse

You will be expected to know why you want to become a nurse. Having a good solid reason will give you the motivation you need to actually become a nurse. If you don’t know yet, take the time to figure it out. Start building a mental foundation that will help your nursing career grow.

Having an idea of why you want to become a nurse will give you reasons to work harder. You will remember things easily and you have a reason to use that information in the future. As an example, you want to be a nurse that takes care of babies. Information you learn about mothers and babies will have more of an interest to you. You will be more ready to take on a role as a NICU nurse if the opportunity presents itself.

Understand The Information You Are Studying

Many of us try to memorize our study material instead of trying to understand it. In nursing school, you will be tested on your ability to think like a nurse. In order for you to pass the NCLEX, you will do better by understanding the information. This way you will be able to answer critically thinking questions with no trouble.
The information you understand will allow you to apply it to your patients in the real world. You have the knowledge to make your patients more comfortable. Making sure your patient get their treatment as comfortable as possible is crucial. When your patients are comfortable, they are more compliant with their care. In many circumstances, this will help them recover faster.
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