Best & Worst States for Nurses

The U.S. has gained a profound appreciation for nurses during the coronavirus pandemic, as they risk their lives every day to minimize the spread of the disease, and are now helping the country get vaccinated so things can return to normal. Sadly, nurses have experienced extremely dangerous working conditions during the pandemic, with critical shortages of respirators, surgical masks, gloves, gowns and other necessary protective treatment. It’s more important now than ever for states to step up and make sure that nurses are properly equipped to do their jobs and have the best work environment possible.

Despite the stresses of the occupation, nurses are generally well-rewarded for their life-saving work. Nursing occupations are some of the most lucrative careers, with a median base salary of over $100,000 and some of the lowest unemployment rates in the U.S. In fact, the industry is expected to grow at nearly double the rate of the average occupation through 2029.

In light of the current crisis and the industry’s projections for the future, WalletHub took stock of the nursing industry to help registered nurses, particularly new graduates, pick a place to live that will bring success. We did so by comparing the 50 states across 22 key metrics that collectively speak to the nursing-job opportunities in each market. Below, you can check out our findings, commentary from a panel of experts and a complete description of our methodology.

Arizona ranks #1 and Oregon Ranks #7.

Source: WalletHub

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