Celebrating Sumner Graduates | Meet Amber

At Sumner College, we like to celebrate our graduates. Amber is a recent LPN grad. She shares her story, “Before enrolling in Sumner College’s Practical Nursing program, I was working as an export agent in logistics.  I have always been drawn to the medical field, and actually was going to be a Medical Assistant, but some family issues during that time got in the way.  I then decided to move to Oregon to enroll at Sumner. The reason I chose Sumner College is because I have family members that graduated from the program and spoke very highly of the school. I am very happy with my choice!  Completing the Practical Nursing program during a pandemic was challenging, but my experience at Sumner College was great!   After completing my LPN, I definitely want to succeed and go as far as I can.  I would like to achieve my RN, and finishing with my BSN!” Congratulations Amber!