Finding balance around the holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time. For years, I allowed this time of year to completely take over my mind and wellbeing because I was so controlled by the idea of it not being a “healthy” time of year. I was constantly worried about holiday gatherings because I was afraid to consume too many calories, Christmas dinner wasn’t enjoyable because I wouldn’t touch anything I didn’t think was “good” for me and I let the fear of gaining weight in the holiday season hold me back from activities with friends or family.

I don’t want anyone else to experience these feelings. It’s possible to find a balance not only in your day to day life, but especially around the holiday season. I want you to be able to look at this time with eager and excitement or be able to cook up your favorite holiday recipe without the fear of the calories that are in it.

I put together a few tips for finding balance around the holidays (in regards to food) that I hope will be helpful for you this time of year.

Let’s chat through these!

Reframe your thinking.

Try to stop labeling your foods as what you “can” or “can’t” have or what’s “good” or “bad”. This only creates a negative relationship with food when we put ourselves through this mindset. When you accept that you can have everything in moderation and that nothing is necessarily “off limits” then we create a better relationship around food. While you may be presented with more variety of foods around the holidays, remember that nothing is off limits. A reframe in your thinking will allow you to enjoy the things that you love, but keep in mind what FUELS you and makes you FEEL good and I can guarantee that is what you’ll always come back to!

A few days won’t put you off track.

It’s easy to think that a few days eating foods that we don’t normally eat will make us suddenly gain 5 pounds. Trust me, you’re going to be okay! The stress caused over this is actually doing us more harm. This doesn’t mean going ALL out but instead finding that healthy balance of enjoying yourself while keeping in mind what makes you feel your best. I can bet that is lots of water, simple meals, veggies at your meals, extra greens, etc.

Remember that living a balanced lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go all out during these times, but instead appreciate them and don’t overthink it.

Don’t forget to take care of you.

This time can be stressful. Between different obligations, etc. then throw in the food and it can be a stressful time! While this year may look different with everything going on, don’t forget that you must take care of yourself! Without taking care of YOU, you won’t be able to give your energy to other things this holiday season.

A few ideas for taking care of you:

  • Moving your body
  • Relaxing bath
  • Meditation
  • Face mask
  • Call a friend
  • Clean your space
  • Make your favorite meal

Enjoy everything in moderation.

This is important to remember not only during the holidays but always. It’s possible to enjoy your favorite things while also maintaining balance. You can also enjoy the holiday cookies but also enjoy the seasonal salad. There’s room for both.

Think bigger picture.

This is something that I always recommend, no matter what it is. Because if we aren’t focusing on our heart, then we aren’t going to find balance with food. One thing that I always think about is the Christmas candy/cookie making that I do every year with my mom. I want to look back on that moment and remember how enjoyable it was! And how delicious all our treats were. I don’t want to look back and remember how I was scared to have a bite of what we made or immediately feel guilt if I did (which happened for a few years!)

What do you want to look back on and remember about the holidays?

Find recipes that satisfy the cravings.

There are so many recipes out there that are remakes of some of our favorites! I bet some that you can even find here ) While I still believe in enjoying the things that you love, I bet you can find that with some simple switches. Maybe try that new recipe that you have saved on Instagram or look for healthier switches on Pinterest.

Here are some of my favorite holiday recipes:

I hope you were able to find these tips helpful! Reach out if you have any questions 🙂

until next time…


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