Happy Valentine’s Day from Sumner College! Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day to honor the nurses in your life

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nurses

Full Time Nurse’s February 2nd blog has some suggested ideas for honoring the nurse in your life for Valentine’s Day. We are sharing this article with you from their site.

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What are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nurses?



With Valentine’s Day nearing as it does every year, I compiled a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for nurses. I did my best to make a generic list that both male and female nurses will love. I’m hoping to, at least, inspire some ideas in those of you who are clueless (trust me, I’ve been there).

When it comes to gifts for nurses or nursing students, I think you could get them anything and they would be happy. It is just nice to feel loved and appreciated by your coworkers, family and friends. However, I wanted to get together a list of things that I would want as a nurse on the floor or working.

These gifts are things that nurses might use every day, but they don’t want to buy themselves. Or, their current stuff is all worn-out. Whatever the case, let’s get into it!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for a Nurse

The best Valentine’s Day Gift for a nurse is one you give them from the heart. While there are a lot of V-Day gift options that I’m going to give you, just remember that you know the person best. Get them something that you know they will love.

Affordable Gift Ideas

Affordable, yet meaningful all in one package! Everyone loves a deal, especially us nurses! These are some affordable deals for under $20 that are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for nurses.

Spa Day

What nurse doesn’t love a good spa day? Relaxing, refreshing and quiet is a combination all nurses dream about.

Taking care of yourself is so important in regards to mental health, dealing with stress and anxiety and promoting the best patient care we can.

A great gift to help facilitate relaxation is a gift certificate or spa day gift. A great affordable option is a pre-packaged “spa-in-a-box” that will be sure to put a smile on any nurse’s face!


We are always carrying a bunch of stuff around that we use everyday; pens, extra pens, sharpies, extra sharpies, tape, flushes, and so many more supplies that accidentally come home with us. A great, affordable gift can be something to carry all of this stuff in!

Water Bottles

If you’ve ever been on a hospital floor and seen a nurse’s station it would seem quite unassuming on the outside. But, you can be that we have a hundred of our favorite cups, mugs and glasses sitting behind the station filled with enough caffeine to feed a cafeteria.


A nurse is only as good as their shoes. Well, just kidding, but you get what we’re saying. Shoes cannot be valued in a nurse’s arsenal. They literally run the show when it comes to a nurse’s day.

Comfort, support and easy to clean are three things that come to mind when someone mentions “Crocs”. These are not for everyone as far as style, but we highly recommend these shoes for anyone who can tolerate the style!

Badge Clip Reels

These are a super fun, easy gift for anyone in the medical field, especially nurses! I actually compiled a huge list of over 60 of the best fun unique badge reels.

Special Nurse Gift Ideas

These are some options for that someone special in your life. While they might be a bit more expensive, it’s worth it to put that smile on your favorite nurses face!

Figs (Scrubs)

If you’ve been a hospital recently, you’ve most likely seen this logo on someone’s scrubs. These are the ever-so-famous “Instagram grown” scrub brand “Figs”. These are premium scrubs that are on the pricey side, but are very very good scrubs. These scrubs are not only great gifts for female nurses, but male nurses as well. They’re becoming more and more popular among male and female nurses, making Figs’ Scrubs a perfect Valentine’s Gift for any nurse!

Dolan Scrubs

I recently took a look at these new scrubs from Dolan. They were actually incredibly impressive and one of our favorites to date. They are comparable to FIGS, however at a much better price point and quality standpoint.


Stethoscopes are one of a nurse’s most important tools. They get lost, stolen or broken and are one of those things that nurse’s don’t necessarily always want to keep “repurchasing”. Here are a few options at some different price points that are sure to be a great gift.


Jewelry is an awesome gift to say to someone how much they mean to you. It typically has a stigma around it that says it has to be expensive. Well we are here to tell you different.

We pieced together a “DIY” affordable necklace from Amazon, for men and women nurses. All-in it is a total of about $30 and really sends a meaningful message.



Nursing Shoes (Dansko)

These are some of the most “worn” shoes in healthcare, especially for female nurses and OR staff. These shoes are highly regarded in the healthcare community. They can be a bit on the pricey side, however you cannot go wrong with this purchase. Dansko’s will make any nurse’s Valentine’s Day a special one to remember!9

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nurses

If you missed our section before about jewelry feel free to check it. There are some great DIY projects involved with jewelry that can make great valentine’s day gifts for nurses.

DIY Projects

DIY (do-it-yourself) gifts are great, inexpensive ways to show someone or your team that you care.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a SUPER easy way to say you care! Here is a list of some of a nurse’s favorite gift cards to receive:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Sephora
  • eBay
  • Home Depot
  • Ikea
  • iTunes
  • Starbucks
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Subway
  • Chipotle
  • Disney

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hopefully these at least inspire some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for nurses. Again, nurses will be happy with whatever you get them. But, if you need some more ideas feel free to check out the Best Christmas Gifts for Nurses, you might find another good idea!

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