Heartwarming Stories of Nurses Who Went Beyond Their Call of Duty

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When it comes to kindness, compassion, and caring for others, nurses have us all beat. They work long shifts doing many of the tiny, important tasks that keep us healthy, everything from school nurses who fix booboos with Band-Aids and send kids back to the playground, to nurses in hospitals who perform complicated, life-saving maneuvers on the sickest patients every day. During the coronavirus crisis, nurses are the first line of defense in clinics against the ravages of COVID-19. Many even exceed the already arduous call of duty. These are some of their stories:

Nurses fill in for family during chemo treatments

After Wendy Goodine was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she moved in with her mother and stepfather to receive treatment at the Levine Cancer Institute in Albemarle, North Carolina. When she arrived at her first appointment, Goodine was nervous, frightened, and understandably, emotional. Due to the coronavirus, she is not allowed to bring anyone with her to her weekly chemo sessions. Filling in for her family, the nurses provide an understanding ear and continuous support throughout her sessions. When Goodine couldn’t leave her home, RN social worker, Heather Keith, delivered three boxes of food to her every week. Goodine considers these caring nurses her heroes.