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Lindsey L.



Graduate, Practical Nursing Program

Lindsey decided to pursue a career in nursing at a young age because she has always enjoyed helping others...

Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey decided to pursue a career in nursing at a young age because  she has always enjoyed helping others.  After working for the last 6 years as a Nursing Assistant she decided it was time to continue with her education and take her career to the next level.  She decided to enroll at Sumner College because she knew nurses that went to school here and they spoke highly of the College. She is glad she decided to attend Sumner and Lindsey says she met a lot of great people through her program.

While in school, Lindsey continued working at a skilled nursing facility. The facility loved her so much that as soon as she passed her NCLEX, she was offered a full time nursing position! Ultimately she hopes to work as an RN in the Emergency Room or as a traveling wound care nurse. Lindsey says that she “truly believes nursing is not just a career but a lifestyle.”  She loves helping people and has many family members in the healthcare field.

Her Nursing Program Director stated that Lindsey “is driven to be a nurse.  She works hard to know her skills.  She has excellent attendance. Lindsey is serious about her nursing education.  I think she will be a great nurse!!!”

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