Now Hiring | Assistant Nursing Program Director

Title: Assistant Nursing Program Director

Supervisor: Department Chair Nursing Programs

Job Summary of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

The primary responsibilities are supporting the Department Chair to ensure the program curriculum is in accordance with school, state, and national accreditation criteria and policies, course instruction and assist in the support of the faculty, classroom, and clinical operations.

Requirements of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

  • Master’s degree in Nursing
  • Minimum 3 years of experience teaching or in administration role in a nursing program
  • Experience in using multi-media equipment for instruction

Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

  • Serve in a support role capacity to the Department Chair
  • Provide support to the nursing faculty
  • Ensure that the nursing curriculum meets current requirements set forth by the Oregon State Board of Nursing educational rules by working closing with the Department Chair
  • Attend the Oregon State Board of Nursing regularly scheduled meetings when requested by the Department Chair
  • Assist the Department Chair with the faculty to develop, implement, and evaluate program curriculum
  • Assist, when necessary, with Career Services in advising and/or placement of students
  • Facilitate and participate in the faculty organization and faculty meetings
  • Facilitate and participate in developing, implementing, and evaluation of program policies and procedures
  • Assist in the evaluation of program and educational outcomes
  • Recommend the selection of texts and other instructional support material

Assist in the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of nursing faculty when necessary

  • Instruct curriculum based on established standards for the program
  • Provide support to foster a smooth transition of new faculty into their roles
  • Collaborate with the Department Chair when identifying current trends in nursing education by finding ways to implement suitable changes to enhance learning



Matched 401K plan

Medical and Dental Insurance

Employee Referral program

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