How Much Do Oregon’s Registered Nurses Earn?

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According to the survey results, RNs in Oregon earn an average hourly wage of $55.14, equating to an annual salary of $114,694. The Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN) recently conducted a statewide wage survey of Oregon’s registered nurses (RN) to explore the variances in compensation across different work settings and geographical areas. By examining wage disparities, this study is meant to uncover the wage structures that affect how long nurses stay in their jobs and to challenge common beliefs about how nurses’ salaries vary. Including responses from nurses across the state and from a wide range of work environments, the survey offers a detailed view of the financial challenges these essential healthcare workers face. The aim was not only to detail the present situation regarding nurse pay but also to help policymakers, nursing professionals, and employers tackle important issues related to maintaining a stable workforce and ensuring fair wages. This report is designed to be a foundational resource, facilitating informed decision-making that supports the welfare of nurses and overall efficacy of Oregon’s healthcare system.

Download the report here: OCN Salary Report

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