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Now Hiring | Dean of Students

Title: Dean of Students
Supervisor: Vice President
Job Summary:
The Dean of Students is part of the management team and will report to the Vice President. This team member provides oversight and manages performance of the registrar and general education faculty. The Dean of Students is responsible for efficient and effective academic program delivery and development of curriculum and faculty training tools.

• Bachelor’s Degree
• 3-6 years of experience directly in or related field
• Proven student retention process
• Experience teaching in private post-secondary institutions is desired
• Planning, staffing, and coordination skills are required and also preferred to be in an educational setting
• Possess strong leadership abilities
• The desire to help others succeed in their career goals

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Works toward the achievement of the College’s retention goals.
• Administers, implements, and monitors the College’s institutional program effectiveness plan.
• Fosters strong programs that contribute to the education environment that encompass intellectual pursuits ranging from basic scholarly activity to innovative personal achievement.
• Administers the College’s program for professional growth and development, in-service programs, faculty meetings, program director meetings, and on-boarding tools for faculty.
• Administers the policies and procedures contained in the College Catalog, the Faculty Handbook, and the Employee Handbook.
• Implements a scheduling process that includes maximum utilization of faculty and classrooms while meeting the needs of students.
• Participates with other senior officers of the College in institutional planning, policy development, and problem solving.
• Directs and assists program directors in the recruitment, selection, evaluation, retention, and success of faculty.
• Conducts regular classroom observations of faculty, reviews all end of term surveys and provides timely formative feedback to faculty.
• Makes recommendations on the selection of text and other instructional support material.
• Assure all syllabi is updated with the most current textbook editions, page numbers, grading, ISBN’s, resources, etc. The syllabi must be updated on the network drive prior to the term start.
• Oversee the evaluation of transfer credit for incoming students.
• Execute and ensure end of term surveys are completed for all instructors.
• Review feedback with direct reports and provide feedback to program chairs. All faculty should have formative feedback within 30 days of the end of the term.
• Assure that advisory board meetings are conducted at least annually, if not more, during the calendar year.
• Conduct regular meetings with the program directors. Assure program directors are conducting, at a minimum, quarterly meetings with faculty. Must attend all scheduled faculty meetings.
• Assist in faculty training, hiring, interviewing, and finalizing teaching assignments.
• Assure timely processing of student status changes through the student change form.
• Monitor attendance and grades regularly and consult at risk students.
• Review and approve syllabi and textbook change forms.
• Oversee, monitor and ensure the quality and content of instruction in the department and assist in the training and evaluation of instructors and curricula. Instructor evaluations must be completed each term as assigned by the vice president or campus president.
• Provide oversight to the registrar and ensure timely and accurate reporting in the student information system.
• Participate in the revision, development, maintenance and implementation of existing and new programs.

Now Hiring | Assistant Nursing Program Director 

Title: Assistant Nursing Program Director

Supervisor: Department Chair Nursing Programs

Job Summary of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

The primary responsibilities are supporting the Department Chair to ensure the program curriculum is in accordance with school, state, and national accreditation criteria and policies, course instruction and assist in the support of the faculty, classroom, and clinical operations.

Requirements of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Nursing Program Director: 

Assist in the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of nursing faculty when necessary



Matched 401K plan

Medical and Dental Insurance

Employee Referral program

Download the job description HERE.

Submit your resume and cover letter to Lisa Jameson, HR Director

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Interview with Joanna Russell

Joanna Russell, President of Sumner College discusses the future of nursing, career opportunities in healthcare and how nurses are critical during the COVID-19 pandemic with “Let’s Talk Portland”. Hear her interview and learn more about the new RN to BSN program at Sumner College.

Sumner College expanding with new online RN to BSN accredited nursing program

Sumner College has just announced their new 13-month accredited RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program. With classes beginning on Monday, June 1, 2020 this new 100% online program is designed for working registered nurses (RN’s) who want to grow their nursing career in as few as 50 weeks. Currently employed registered nurses can advance their education and earn their BSN degree without interrupting their employment. This Sumner College bachelor degree program is fully accredited by the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools (ABHES) to prepare students to step into more advanced areas of nursing.

With the addition of this new RN to BSN degree program, Sumner College continues to prepare future professional leaders of tomorrow in the field of nursing. Classes are offered in a flexible online format, allowing students to work while they are enrolled in the program.

This new accelerated 13 month BSN program prepares registered nurses (RN) for high-demand careers requiring a BSN degree. Designed to increase critical thinking and nursing clinical decision-making, it builds on previous knowledge and incorporates best practices and national initiatives. This online program is a convenient and flexible way for working students to continue their education without interrupting their employment. Online classroom size is limited to 25 students per faculty member to ensure that our students get the personalized attention they need to be successful.

Many hospitals are pursuing Magnet status and now require entry-level Registered Nurses to have a BSN. This online degree gives individuals a competitive advantage when applying for positions where an RN degree is required, but a BSN degree is preferred. Current opportunities for graduates of the new Sumner College program range from resident care manager, travel nurses, charge nurses and direct care nurses in settings like home health care. Nurses who have achieved the BSN designation are highly sought after for all nursing positions because of their ability to offer an enhanced level of care resulting in better patient outcomes.

Sumner College has a history of preparing their students for success for more than 45 years in Oregon and Washington. For those who want to grow into management positions in the nursing field, a BSN from Sumner College will give them a competitive advantage.

To find out more about our program please contact an Admissions Representative at Admissions will provide information about the admissions and application process, program curriculum, transfer credits, financial aid, and support services available to your during your time at the college.

Sumner College offers $250K in Scholarships to Concordia University Nursing Students

Sumner College has just announced a new scholarship initiative to help the students who have been hurt financially and emotionally because of the recent announcement closure of Concordia University

Sumner College is offering a $5,000 scholarship to students enrolled or formally accepted into the nursing program at Concordia University upon acceptance to Sumner College. This scholarship can be applied to the Associate Degree in Nursing Program or the Practical Nursing Program offered at the college.

Joanna Russell, Sumner College President stated that “all of us at Sumner were shocked to hear about the recent closure of Concordia University.  We are saddened to see what has happened to so many students, as we are hearing from them just how seriously this is impacting them on both a personal and professional level. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help these nursing students as they navigate through such a devastating and traumatic situation. We know they have been seriously hurt financially because of the closure announcement.  This closure for them is so much worse than just “displaced”.  We welcome them so that they can continue their dream of becoming a nurse. Sumner College is offering a $5,000 scholarship to students currently enrolled or those formally accepted into the nursing program at Concordia University upon acceptance to Sumner College. This scholarship can be applied to our Associate Degree in Nursing Program or the Practical Nursing Program. We feel fortunate to be in a position to offer help with the continued strong growth of our Nursing programs and our college.  We can give them a stable environment to finish their studies so that they can go on to be the healthcare professionals they’ve dreamed of becoming.”

Sumner College was approved in January of 2020 by their accrediting body ABHES to offer a RN to BSN program. Graduates of Sumner College’s Associate Degree in Nursing can transition to this new program that is delivered 100% online and earn their BSN in just 13 months. “This program was designed with our students in mind. We have been working on this program for a number of years and are excited to start our first RN to BSN cohort in the spring’.

Sumner College has been offering nursing programs for over 10 years, and offering career focused education it the Portland area for over 45 years. The Retention Rate for the 2018-2019 reporting year for the Associate Degree in Nursing Program was 100%.

If you are a Concordia student interested in finding out more please click here to contact us.

Sumner College has a history of helping students achieve their dreams and preparing them for success for over 45 years in Oregon.

Medical Assisting make the US World News Report Best Jobs List

A medical assistant’s job is a mix of traditional office work, including manning the front desk, answering phones and filing insurance forms, as well as hands-on tasks, such as drawing blood and preparing it for lab tests, administering injections and making sure medical histories are accurately recorded. More specialized roles include assisting ophthalmologists or optometrists with basic vision tests and helping patients learn to insert, remove and care for contact lenses.

A routine visit to the doctor is really a visit with an entire team, including a growing number of medical assistants. Medical assistants are likely the first and last faces you’ll see during any medical appointment, either in your doctor’s office or at a larger medical organization.

The aging baby boomer population will help drive demand for more medical assistants, who will be needed to support doctors and nurses as they diagnose and treat patients.The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 29.0 percent employment growth for medical assistants between 2016 and 2026. In that period, an estimated 183,900 jobs should open up.


Medical Assistants rank #8 in Best Health Care Support Jobs.Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors. Read more about how we rank the best jobs.


How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

Medical Assistants made a median salary of $32,480 in 2017. The best-paid 25 percent made $38,340 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $27,580.

Story shared from US World News


Learn more:

Eye on the Northwest discusses Nursing with Joanna Russell from Sumner College

Sumner College President Joanna Russell and Natalie Marmion host of KOIN TV’s Eye on the Northwest visited to share information about career opportunities in nursing – specifically the Medical Assisting program and the need to fill these positions in the Portland market. Watch the segment that aired this week. #sumnercollege 

AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report

AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report  |  Results of the AAMA CMA (AAMA) Compensation and Benefits Surveyare published each year in the Nov/Dec issue of CMA Today.

The tables offered in the report indicate pay based on the following:

  • Years of experience for CMAs (AAMA)® and non-CMAs (AAMA)
  • Geographic region
  • Work setting
  • Practice specialty
  • Number of specialties

Additional tables indicate benefits for medical assistants and educators:

  • Insurance benefits
  • AAMA membership dues paid by employers

BLS Employment Projections  |  Medical assisting is one of the nation’s careers growing much faster than average for all occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The demand for medical assistants is driving this expansion. Employers are seeking and recruiting these allied health professionals because of their uniquely diverse clinical and administrative training.

As the number of medical assistants grows, so does the recognition of their value in the marketplace.

The BLS also reports median annual wages in its employment projections for occupations with the largest job growth.

Content shared from the AAMA Website
The Role of the Medical Assistant: Change, Opportunity and Growth

Healthcare is in a period of change … which is changing the landscape for the medical assistant (MA). They are in greater demand, are being tasked with more responsibilities — and in many cases, are being rewarded for it.

The high demand for MAs

Job postings per MA completion more than doubled, and the faster-than-average employment growth is likely to continue over the next decade.

At the same time, the number of MA completions is declining — further growing job opportunities for medical assistants.

Why the growth?

The driver behind MA job growth is an increased demand for access to care. Some factors that contribute to this demand include:
• Innovations and new treatments
• An aging population
• An increase in the numbers of patients with chronic diseases associated with obesity
• The Affordable Care Act

(Though the Affordable Care Act is being affected by the Trump administration, access to care will most likely be a priority issue in any replacement legislation that is passed.)

How the MA’s role is changing

The MA’s role is transitioning from a solo assistant to the provider to that of a highly valued, integral clinical team member. MA’s are being tasked with greater responsibilities and are often key members of care teams.

“The expectations are higher, and medical assistants are meeting these. As medicine moves to be more lean, medical assistants understand that their role is vital because they are not as expensive as LPN/RNs, but very vital to making ambulatory patient care work well,” says Elizabeth Thompson, medical practice administrator, Indiana University Health – Southern Indiana Physicians.

Why the shift?

Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) have adopted a team-based care (TBC) approach in response to new payment models. In these environments, teams made up of providers, nurse case managers, medical assistants and other allied health professionals work collaboratively to help patients meet health goals. Healthcare professionals are often encouraged to work at the top of their license, freeing up providers to do tasks only they can do. In turn, a cascading “top-of-license” approach flows throughout the rest of the team – including medical assistants.

Examples of ways that medical assistants can work at the top of their credential include
stepping into the role of a flow manager, running team huddles, preplanning patient visits
and completing various health screenings. Some organizations are now considering their
most experienced medical assistants for the roles of a scribe, health coach, patient navigator,
population health manager and patient care coordinator. As medical assistants broaden
their skill set, there will be significant pressure to perform at a higher level in the areas of
professionalism, informatics and performing clinical tasks.

A time to shine

Recognition of medical assistants is at an all-time high and the role of medical assistants is expanding. As we enter this new era of healthcare, now is the time for medical assistants to shine. To demonstrate they are up for the challenge by exuding professionalism. And to validate their knowledge by becoming certified and investing in continuing education opportunities.

Content shared from the National Healthcare Career Association


Learn more:

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