Best Gift Ideas for Nurses

Whether it be a friend, family member, or acquaintance, you probably know a nurse or someone who works in healthcare. You could look at gifts for various reasons, including showing a nurse appreciation or celebrating a special event.

Since it can be challenging to decide what to buy, we put together a list of the best gifts for nurses below.

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Medical Equipment

Nurses love to receive new medical equipment, and it’s one of the more practical gifts. We often supply our own medical equipment while working, which gets expensive. That’s why new or innovative medical equipment is always a good gift idea. Sometimes we like to carry two of everything, just as a backup.


A new stethoscope is a great gift idea, especially for someone graduating from nursing school. A new nurse will find this helpful and use it daily. A popular brand is Littman. They even offer cardiology stethoscopes! If you want to personalize it a little more, order a Stethoscope ID or a charm.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are another great idea since they often are hard to find on the unit. If you know a nurse who works on a respiratory unit or in a pulmonology office, they will definitely find this useful. Or maybe they have a respiratory condition, such as asthma, or know someone who does and can use it at home.

Blood Pressure Monitor

An automatic blood pressure monitor is always great to have at home. However, most nursing students will need a manual blood pressure cuff to practice with. You can find a variety of manual cuffs online at Walgreens.


Most nurses will need a penlight to check their patient’s pupil response. This tool is especially important for nurses working in a neurology unit or office, intensive care, or post-surgery. MDF Instruments makes a wide range of penlights to select from, and they are medical grade.

Diagnostic Set

A diagnostic set typically includes an ophthalmoscope and otoscope with a battery pack and charger. This gift would be wonderful for a nurse practitioner, as they often assess their patients’ ears, nose, throat, and eyes. They can be a little on the expensive side, running around $500 plus for a quality set. Medisave is a reputable company that carries them.

Nurse Apparel and Shoes

Nurses are always needing new nursing apparel since we wear them daily. Even though we wear scrubs all day, we do like to wear the latest nursing fashion trends. That’s why nursing apparel is a good gift option.


Before purchasing scrubs, it’s important to ask your favorite nurse if their employer requires that they wear a specific color of scrubs. You wouldn’t want to buy the wrong color! Currently, popular brands are FigsGrey’s Anatomy, and Cherokee.

Compression Socks

An invaluable gift is compression socks. Your nurse friend will love these since they may help with aching legs or feet at the end of the day. Pro Compression brand designs theirs for nurses and medical professionals. They come in various colors, cool patterns, and different sizes to better fit your calf circumference.

Nursing Shoes

Since registered nurses are mostly on their feet all day, comfy nursing shoes are a must. Dansko and Crocs clogs are popular brands. Make sure the Crocs are closed-toe and don’t have any holes.

Lab Coats

lab coat is a great graduation gift for a new nurse, clinical educator, or nurse practitioner. You can personalize them with their name and credentials.

Nursing Jacket or Hoodie

Do you know a nurse who’s working the night shift? For whatever reason, the hospital seems to be a little colder at night, so a nursing jacket would be a great fit for a night shift nurse. Or buy them a cute nursing hoodie to wear outside of work.

Drinkware and Water Bottles

Nurses need to stay hydrated while working. So drinkware and water bottles are a must for nurses. You can even personalize them to give them that special touch.

Insulated Tumbler

Large, insulated tumblers such as Stanley or Yeti are popular brands. They help keep your drinks hot or cold for longer periods than a standard tumbler.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are also popular because they can hold more liquid than standard cups. Hydro Flask or Thermos are popular brands.

Infuser Water Bottle

Know a nurse who likes fruit-infused drinks? An infusion water bottle is a great gift idea.

Nurse-Themed Coffee Mug

Most nurses enjoy their morning coffee, so why not have them drink it in their new favorite nurse-themed coffee mug? Etsy offers many different designs and colors.

Travel Mug with Handle

Many nurses drink their morning coffee in the car before starting their shift. This routine makes a travel mug a perfect gift. Target offers a wide selection and popular brands, including Contigo and Thermos.


After a long day, it’s a good idea for nurses to practice self-care. Why not inspire them with a self-care gift and help them relax?

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser is a good gift idea for those who like aromatherapy.

Spa or Bath Set

Create a bath gift set if your nurse friend wants to spend a relaxing day at home. Grab a gift basket and add essential oils, a wine glass, hand cream, and other bath items.

Yoga or Meditation Accessories

Some nurses like to practice yoga or meditation. There are many different gift options for yogis, such as yoga mats, blocks, straps, and bolster pillows.

Journal or Calendar

Sometimes nurses like to journal and organize their thoughts. Or they want to keep a calendar to manage their schedules and daily routine. Amazon has many calendars and journals to choose from.