AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report

AAMA Compensation and Benefits Report  |  Results of the AAMA CMA (AAMA) Compensation and Benefits Surveyare published each year in the Nov/Dec issue of CMA Today.

The tables offered in the report indicate pay based on the following:

  • Years of experience for CMAs (AAMA)® and non-CMAs (AAMA)
  • Geographic region
  • Work setting
  • Practice specialty
  • Number of specialties

Additional tables indicate benefits for medical assistants and educators:

  • Insurance benefits
  • AAMA membership dues paid by employers

BLS Employment Projections  |  Medical assisting is one of the nation’s careers growing much faster than average for all occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The demand for medical assistants is driving this expansion. Employers are seeking and recruiting these allied health professionals because of their uniquely diverse clinical and administrative training.

As the number of medical assistants grows, so does the recognition of their value in the marketplace.

The BLS also reports median annual wages in its employment projections for occupations with the largest job growth.

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