Job Opening – The Department Chair of Nursing Programs Sumner College

Sumner College is interviewing for the Department Chair of Nursing Programs. Contact HR to submit an application.

Position: Department Chair of Nursing Programs

Supervisor: President

Job Summary:

The primary responsibilities are managing the program curriculum in accordance with school and agency policies, program requirement and compliance management; assist with course instruction; reporting as required by management; manage faculty, scheduling, classroom and clinical operations; participates in local, state and other organizations that are relevant to nursing.

Manage all program facets including teaching, student advising, course development, acquiring and maintaining clinical partner relationships. Will serve as a role model to faculty and students.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ability to engage students in active learning of the disciplined and in critical thinking
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms
  • Maintains standard for the Registered Nurse (RN/RN to BSN) and Practical Nurse (PN) scope of practice and current requirements as set forth by the OSBN
  • Follows and maintain due process as approved by OSBN for both nursing programs
  • Follows federal, state, and educational laws/rules governing nursing education
  • Enforces all regulatory and accreditation standards for the nursing programs
  • Attends required nursing board meetings and participates on nursing practice and nursing education task forces and workshops when appropriate
  • Monitors changes in Standards for Approval and regulations to enhance compliance for the nursing programs
  • Generates administrative reports to ensure for operational efficiency for the nursing programs
  • Manages the approval process and administrative functions of the nursing programs. Responsibilities include program facilities and resource management, and development and implementation of operational procedures
  • Serves as advisor to program faculty
  • Ensure that the nursing curriculum meets current requirements set forth by the governing boards
  • Attends nursing board regularly scheduled meetings when appropriate
  • Facilitates and participates with faculty to develop, implement, and evaluate program curriculum
  • Provides budgetary information regarding program specific budget
  • Plans faculty assignments for full utilization while meeting the needs of the students
  • Recommends the selection of texts and other instructional support material
  • Directs the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of nursing faculty
  • Directs, develops, and evaluates program and educational outcomes
  • Assists, when necessary, with Career Services in advising and/or placement of students
  • Adheres to and communicates College policies to nursing faculty
  • Adheres to and enforces all regulatory and accreditation standards
  • Administers program curriculum based on established standards for the program
  • Coordinates coverage for faculty in their absence
  • Facilitates and participation in the faculty organization and faculty meetings
  • Facilitates and participation in developing, implementing, and evaluation of program policies and procedures
  • Administers the nursing program clinical experiences and preceptorships
  • Produces program administrative reports and paper work
  • Plans office hours appropriately to meet the needs of the faculty and students
  • Provides recommendations for crisis management and policy implementation for the nursing programs
  • Plans, coordinates, facilitates faculty scheduling and assignments to provide adequate coverage to meet the needs of the students
  • Provides guidance, support, and mentoring to ensure quick and smooth transitions of faculty into their new roles
  • Adheres and communicates the College policies to the nursing program faculty
  • Facilitates the development and implementation of operational procedures
  • Assists with the program budget and promotes the management of resources
  • Maintains the inventory, security, and maintenance of program facilities and equipment
  • Monitors current trends and find ways to implement suitable changes to enhance learning

Establishing Partnerships:

  • Establish strategic partnerships with organizations, such as health care facilities, nursing associations, and employment agencies
  • Assists Career Services in advising and/or placement of students
  • Administers the nursing program clinical practicums and preceptorships
  • Provide Nurse Educators, Associates, and students with learning and professional development resources
  • Attends College functions, meetings, student orientations, in-service sessions, and graduation


  • Earned Doctorate degree
  • Master’s degree in Nursing with documentation of preparation and experience in curriculum and teaching in an academic nursing program.
  • 5 years of full time nursing experience to include;
    • A minimum of two years in patient care at the registered nurse level
    • A minimum of three years in a Nurse Educator or administrative position in an academic nursing education program
  • Competent in MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Knowledge of academic culture, policies, and procedures
  • Experience in using multi-media equipment for instruction
  • Ability to adapt instruction to enhance student learning, including the appropriate use of traditional, technology-assisted, hands-on and other forms of instruction

Qualified applicants, please submit your resume to Human Resources at Sumner College.