Nursing Career Goals

Key Performance Indicator with Smart Goals

To come up with appropriate examples of nursing career goals, you will be required to possess the requisite goal setting knowledge and skills.

Note that the process of setting achievable nursing career goals demand that you adopt the SMART goals approach. The SMART goals are as explained below.

It is important to note that SMART is an acronym for:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

 T: Time-bound   

Certainly, it is important to ensure that the goals you include in you nursing professional goals statement are not extremely broad.

Instead, all examples of nursing career goals provided should be limited in scope to avoid vagueness or being open to individual interpretation.

You have to understand that long-term goals for nurse practitioner in particular are easily subjected to negative effects of change in practice environment and personal views.

For this reason, the nursing career goals should be specific enough to avoid incidences of extreme variation.     


Good nursing career goals must be measurable. It has been observed that measurability is key when it comes to how to achieve nursing goals.  

This is important in helping determine progress in your nursing career. Accordingly, such progress could be explored using different examples of nursing goals for yearly evaluation.

Measurability is also essential in helping demarcate achievements that in return act as a source of motivation.

Therefore, your nursing career goals should incorporate clear milestones that have a defined ending.  


Goals need to be attainable. Note that there is a major attainability challenge particularly when it comes to long-term goals for nurse practitioner.

This is because such nursing career goals could demand tools and resources beyond the reach of the nurse.

As such, it is important to ensure that your nursing goals are in cognizant of required resources, including time frames, skills, funds, etc.

This requires you to break down your goals into smaller ones especially in incidences where the main goal in quite complex.

As such, you could start by exploring the most appropriate examples of nursing goals for yearly evaluation.   


Realistic. Concerning this aspect, you have to ensure that all the examples of nursing career goals you choose to adopt are realistic in regard to the context of nursing practice.

You should consider numerous factors to help decide whether your nursing career goals are realistic.

Such factors may include their scope, required skills, existing systems, personal capacity, etc.


Time-bound. Timeliness is another of the important elements when it comes to how to achieve nursing goals. It entails attaching a specific timeline to your nursing career goals.

Each goals should have a timeline within which the goals is expected to have been achieved. This could require you to come up with different examples of nursing goals for yearly evaluation.      

The timelines are supposed to work as indicators of progress and source of motivation for the nurse to act towards a certain direction.   

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