How Medical Assistants Manage Covid Patients

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How Medical Assistants Manage Covid Patients

The roles of a certified medical assistant in this time of the Covid pandemic can be described in many ways. The medical assistant career has a number of facets and is continuing to expand. Here are some of the potential roles of a medical assistant:

  • The welcoming “First face” of the medical facility
  • A patient educator
  • The scribe with attention to detail
  • Diplomatic communicator
  • Health coach
  • Compassionate counselor to help patients through rough emotional times by showing compassion and empathy
  • Clinician for routine procedures
  • Administrator to liaise between departments, facilities or individuals
  • Care team coordinator
  • Right hand assistant to doctors
  • and more

What remains constant in this every changing time in the medical workforce during the pandemic? Medical professionals and medical assistants remain an essential part of that healthcare team.

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